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Nameless ~ The One Thing You Must Recall ~ Review



Nameless is an otome game created by Cheritz. Their first game was Dandelion Wishes Brought to You. I highly recommend playing Dandelion and then Nameless. Though it’s not really necessary, it’s nice to see the relation between the two. Moreover, all the Dandelion references in Nameless were a delight to see! I made a post about them here (though I’d recommend to take a look only after you finish playing both games since it contains spoilers).

You can check out the official site and Nameless can be purchased here. It is quick and easy to make an account and purchase the game. It is priced at $30 if you’ve previously bought Dandelion and $33 if you haven’t. In my opinion, I found this to be well worth the price. Nameless completely blew me away. I already had high expectations due to Dandelion, and I certainly was not disappointed.

Generally spoiler-free review under the cut:

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Hi I was wondering if you could make a masterlist of all the DL mangas? The ones you've made so far were really helpful :)


Heh. I actually just made a post with  this  massive  master  list of everything, but if you want  strictly  manga. Here ya go~


HDB Anthology:


Master List








More Blood Anthology:


cv. 吉野裕行 Yoshino Hiroyuki
Release date = 2014/3/28 
price: ¥1500 (+tax)
illus:  めろ

Scenario: “Spending the night w/your lover” — Branched situation cd where the story develops based on your “Yes/No” decision to your bf’s invitation to spend the night!

Character: Yanagi Hiroto/Age 19

  • A bit cool; tsundere male.
  • Although he has a frank and straightforward demeanor, can also be difficult and blunt.
  • Worries excessively that you (his gf) dislike him and at times, ends up acting awkward and stiff/stilted.
  • You recently moved in together because [you know] at heart he loves and cares for you, but lately he’s become possessive, selfish and overly dependent, wanting to be with you all the time.

Full dummy-head mike use!

Stellaworth w/tokuten (+YES afterstory) / ComiComi Studio w/tokuten (+NO afterstory) / Animate w/tokuten lg poster of jacket designed by めろ


How on earth did I overlook this one? Illus by めろ. YOCCHIN + DUMMY HEAD MIKE. Okay, maybe it’s not also r18 for complete and utter ear desecration, but. YOCCHIN + DUMMY HEAD MIKE. That’s still gotta be pretty lethal. AND they’re even selling a dakimakura set—prob similar to the full illus above—where one side is “YES” and the other “NO” (Me, I can’t comprehend how you’d EVER say no to that.)

Oh and hello—this:

Yep. Pinky slid under the waistband. PLUS waistband w/”YESxNO…” stitched along it. Brill.  (´⊙ω⊙`)!!

SOLD. *ka-ching*

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